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Eliza Trenter Lane Kinlock (1796-1887)

Ship "United States" from Liverpool to New York - May 21, 1827

[There were no other "comedians" on this ship and anyone else that seems as if they may have been traveling with John - same last name, etc. Note: this is exactly a month BEFORE Eliza and Louisa arrived, contrary to later stories that said he followed her to America because of her beauty. It is possible that he came first to set up arrangements for the company. Eliza did say that she met John a year before they came to America.]

John Kinlock, age 30 (or 36?), male, comedian, British

Ship "Brittania" from Liverpool to New York
- June 20, 1827

I, Charles G. Marshall, do solemnly, sincerely and truly swear that the following List or Manifest of Passengers subscribed with my name, and now delivered by me to the Collector of the Customs for the District of New-York, contains, to the best of my knowledge and belief, a just and true account of all the Passengers received on board the Ship Brittania, whereof I am Master, from Liverpool - Sworn to, the 20 June 1927, before me [illegible], So help me God.

[I have only included those listed as "comedian" with the exception of the young Thomas Mitchell who seems to have been traveling withe Thomas and Sarah Mitchell - as they are the only other people with that surname and he was listed after all of the other "comedians". The entire group was listed together, exactly in this order, with no other passengers in between.]

John Hallam? - m 36? - comedian
Fanny Hallam - f 24 - comedian
Rachel Hansean - f 29 - comedian
Thomas Mitchell - m 34 - comedian
Sarah Mitchell - f 32 - comedian
William Henry Smith - m 22 - comedian
Thomas Grierson - m 28 - comedian
John Sefton - m 21 - comedian
William Wells - m 21 - comedian
Mary Wells - f 46 - comedian
Sarah Wells - f 17 - comedian
Eliza Lane - f 27 - comedian
Louisa Lane - f 7 - comedian
Thomas Mitchell - m 6

Ship "John W. Carter" - from Kingston, Jamaica to New York City
Arrived April 23, 1832

[most of the names on this record or illegible, passengers 2 to 9 are all women of various last names and include Eliza Kinlock and Louisa Lane. Three of the other women have notations as to the number of children (not listed) that are traveling with them. Eliza does not have such a notation, and yet her daughter Georgianna Kinlock should have been born 2 years before. Later stories of the trip by Eliza and Louisa also do not mention Georgianna. It would be curious to find out where she was at this time, or if she is actually the daughter of Eliza Kinlock at all.]

Eliza Kinlock - age 30, female, no occupation, of Jamaica
Louisa Lane - age 15, female, no occupation, of Jamaica

10th Ward, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- June 16, 1860
1860 United States Federal Census

Drew, John - 33, actor, worth $6,000 - born Ireland
Drew, Louisa - 40, actress, worth $2,000 - born England
Drew, Louisa - 8 - born New York
Drew, John U. S. - 7 - born Pennsylvania
Drew, Georgianna E. - 5 - born Pennsylvania
Kinlock, Eliza - 64 - born England
Kinlock, Georgiana - 30, actress - born Massachusetts
Lynch, Catherine - 20, domestic - born Ireland
Welsh, Catherine - 24, domestic - born Ireland

28th District, 10th Ward, Philadelphia, PA - June 7, 1870
1870 United States Federal Census

Drew, Louisa - 50 - Manager Arch-St Theatre
--real estate $20,000, personal $10,000 born England
Drew, Louisa - 18, at home - born New York
Drew, John U. S. - 16, at home - born Pennsylvania
Drew, Georgianna - 15, at home - born Pennsylvania
Stevens, Adine - 10, at home - born in Australia
White, Sidney - 6, at home - born in New York
Kinlock, Eliza - 73, at home - born in England
Welsh, Catherine - 35, domestic, born in Ireland
O'Donnell, Mary - 23, domestic, born in Ireland

119 N. 9th St., Philadelphia, PA - June 1, 1880
1880 United States Federal Census

Drew, Louisa - wm age 60, theatrical manager, b Eng, pb Eng
Kinlock, Eliza - wf age 84 (mother), retired actress, b Eng, pb Eng
White, Sidney - wm age 16 (adopted son), no occ., b NY, pb Eng
Stephens, Adene - wf age 20 (niece), actress, b Aus, fb RI, mb MA
Thomas, Margaret - wf age 35 (servant), b Ire, fb Eng, mb Ire
O'Connell, Annie - wf age 24 (servant), b Ire, pb Ire.

New York Times (New York, New York)
- March 6, 1887



PHILADELPHIA, March 5 - There will be a family reunion to-morrow at the house of Mrs. John Crew, 140 North Twelfth-street, in honor of the ninety-first birthday of Mrs. Eliza Kinlock, Mrs. Drew's mother, who half a century ago was one of the most beautiful women on the stage. It will be 91 years ago on Monday since Mrs. Kinlock was born, but her birthday will be celebrated to-morrow, because some of the members of the family who are on the stage could not be present on any other day except Sunday. Mrs. Kinlock is a charming little old lady. Her maiden name was Eliza Trartner. She was born in London and began her professional career on the stage at an early age. While singing light operas her handsome face was the heart of Mr. Lane, who was an English actor and manner of prominence more than three score years ago. They were married, and after his death she came to this country. A year before she left England for America she met Mr. Kinlock, who was also an actor of note. He followed her to this country in 1828. They were married shortly afterward, and in 1831 Mr. Kinlock died. She retired form the stage more than 30 years ago.

Mrs. John Drew was seen at her home this afternoon and said the reunion would be a quiet little family affair. There will be a birthday dinner, and Mrs. Kinlock, who is a wonderfully active old lady, will occupy the head of the table. Her daughter, Mrs. John Drew, will sit on her right. Mrs. Hitchings, the only sister of the late John Drew, came over from New York last night with her daughter Emma, to be present at the dinner. John Drew, of Augustin Daly's company. Mrs. Kinlock's grandson; will be present with his wife, who was Josephine Baker, and was for years a popular member of the Walnut-Street stock company. Mr. and Mrs. John Drew's little daughter will be there, too. The mother of young Mrs. John Drew, Mrs. Alexina Fisher Baker, was was also a member of the Walnut-Street company, is ill in New York, and cannot be present. Sidney Drew, another grandson of Mrs. Kinlock, is playing in Chicago and cannot be present. His sister, Adine Drew, who is in the cast of "Ruddigore" at McCaull's Opera House, and his sister, Georgie Drew, will be there. Georgie Drew in private life is Mrs. Maurice Barrymore.

Maurice Barrymore, who is Modjeska's leading man, was playing in Baltimore to-night. After the performance he took the train for this city to take part in the little birthday party tomorrow. He will join his wife and his three chubby children at their grandmother's house this morning. Modjeska begins an engagement at Buffalo to-morrow night, and Mr. Barrymore must be there by 6 o'clock in the evening, so that he will only have a few hours' stay in this city. With Mrs. Kinlock and her daughter, and her grandsons and granddaughters, and her great-grandsons and great granddaughters, four generations will be represented at the birthday dinner to-morrow.

Mrs. Kinlock is quite active, and time has dealt so kindly with her that she looks nearer 61 than 91. She walks down to the Arch-Street Theatre occasionally and sits in her daughter's private box and watches the performance with much interest. Only a few days ago she made quite an extended shopping tour about town on foot, but when she got back home she admitted that she was tired and that it was plain to her now that she is not as young as she used to be. She has a good appetite, a retentive memory, and her conversation is a wealth of entertaining reminiscences of the stage when Edwin Forrest was a young man. Mrs. Kinlock is a wonderful old lady. She is proud of her daughter and her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and they are all very proud of her.

Saturday Herald (Decatur, Illinois) - August 11, 1887

Death of an Aged Actress

PHILADELPHIA, Aug 11. - Mrs. Eliza Kinlock, the mother of Mrs. John Drew, the actress, died at Long Beach this morning, aged ninety-one. Mrs. Kinlock was formerly an actress. Just a few days over sixty years ago she made her American debut at the Walnut Street Theater, and from that time filled an important place in the dramatic world until 1854, when she retired.

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